# Release 1.5 (Jan 2021)

To consolidate the leading position of DrugComb, we have curated much more drug combination datasets from the literature. Furthermore, we have included single drug screen datasets from multiple sources, altogether totaling up three-fold increase of the data points (21.5M data points). In addition, we have provided the web-server for the analysis of their sensitivity and synergy. To illustrate their mechanisms of action in different cell lines, we have developed network modelling tools to visualize drug-target interactions and signaling pathways. These tools shall provide enhanced interpretation of drug sensitivity and synergy for a given cell line.

# Release 1.4 (Nov 2019)

The data was recalculated with the [synergyfinder] version 2.0.3 (Bioconductor 3.10 and R 3.6). Following are the fixed bugs in the function "FitDoseResponse" from synergyfinder. These changes involves the whole "curve" table as well as the IC50, synergy scores, CSS and S values in the "summary", "response" and "surface" table.